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Napoleone at the Elbe Island

Napoleone arrived to Elbe Island in 1814, and till 1815 lived at Villa dei Mulini, a residence that is now visitable. The period during which Napoleone stayed here was crucial, since the island become the focus of European political intrigues.

Here, there are many proofs of the stay of Napoleone’s court, such as Villa dei Mulini or Teatro dei Vigilanti, a theatre located in the same historical centre of the city.
Villa dei Mulini is in a very strategical position. For this reason, was chosen not only as Napoleone’s personal residence, but also as headquartes for the control of both the sea and the land. Indeed, the residence was linked to Forte Stella and Forte Falcone.
Moreover, street topography was changed in order to create an armed square, where Napoleone could browse his army.
At last, the main part of the residence was connected to private apartments of “Madame Mère”, Napoleone’s mother, who lived with him since 1814.

Inside the residence, are visitable both rooms where Napoleone lived and the beautiful garden, facing the sea.

Near Villa dei Mulini, you can see the famous lighthouse, that Grand Duke Leopoldo ordered to build. Being part of Forte Stella, this building was considered a true product of engineering for many years.

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