Golfo della Biodola

The Golfo della Biodola

Golfo della Biodola is one of the most enchanting place of the Elbe Island.

Golfo della Biodola is 10 km far from Portoferraio, and is located on northern cost towards Procchio e Marciana.

Its beach is 600 mt long, and is composed by fine and white sand. On this beach you can find Forno and Scaligeri villages. This landscape is armonically made up of coloured houses and small boats, immersed in the greenery.

The beach looks like a natural amphitheater, since is surrounded by hills, such as Serone, Cime, Capanne and Colle Pecora.
Here the low sea bed let you take long walks in the crystalline water.

You can experience Golfo della Biodola life, playing water ski, diving or surfing. Or you can relax in a cafè or in a restaurant on the beach.

The Baia Blu flats.