Golfo della Biodola

Sport and nature

The Elbe Island if full of Nature and Sport

Because of its location and its pleasant wheater, you can visit the Elbe Island during all the year: it’s a enchanting place, where you are surrounded by a pristine and wild Nature, far from city traffic and smog.

In this little paradise, each one could find its own way of relaxing.

Spa lovers can relax and enjoy a pleasant day in thermal waters of San Giovanni. Here is practiced the thalassotherapy, a healing treatment, based on beneficial influence of the sea enviroment. Along with spa, you can take a pleasant walk among eucalyptus, myrtle and helychrisum trees.

Instead, adventure lovers could explore naturalistic trails, finding some iron mine or some charming ruin.

You can’t help to be enchanted by suggestive landscapes of the Elbe Island. The Elbe Island is located inside the Natural Park of Arcipelago Toscano: founded in 1996, it comprehends all main tuscan islands. Here, you can take long and relaxing walks, and climbing Monte Capanne, the highest top of the island, you can enjoy a beatiful view on the land and on the sea.

Sport lovers can play many activities, such as cycling, trekking, riding, fishing, golf, windsurfing, free climbing, and many others.

Its by bike, that you can fully live the island and its colours and scents. By the way, we suggest VelòNext, a very good bike rental service in Marina di Campo. Here you can find the perfect bike, fitting your needings.